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Dedicated I.P.


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  • Chris Apgar

    Hi HALO team,

    In short, a dedicated IP allows you to establish and maintain your own email sending reputation. Without a dedicated IP, you'll be sending mail from a shared environment where you share email reputation with some of your email marketing peers. Our delivery rates in the shared pool are very good, but you'll always be somewhat subject to the reputation of the other customers in your environment.
    So really, a dedicated IP is taking your email reputation destiny into your own hands. You can build up an excellent sending history and reputation, but also you MUST strictly adhere to deliverability best practices to achieve long-term success.
    If you're interested in setting this up, you can talk to your Account Manager for more information. Typically, our dedicated IP setup process includes up to 3 IPs, a customized volume ramp plan to "warm up" your IPs, a consultation with our Deliverability Services team, and up to four hours of monitoring for the first 30 days.
    I know that's a lot of info, but I hope this is helpful!
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