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Understanding Act-On Report analytics


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    Tony Pellegrini

    Hi Michele,

    Opens are tracked within email sends when a recipient downloads images. This is a very common practice among email sending services. All sent emails contain what is called a "tracking pixel" in order to track opens when it is downloaded. 

    In some cases, a recipient can open an email without downloading images, yet still click on one of the links within the body of an email. In this case, Act-On can deduce that the recipient opened the email regardless of whether or not the images are downloaded. These numbers are included in the "Effective Opens" within your message reports. It is a combination of all tracked opens and clicks from "non-openers."

    With all that being said, we very recently released our new Email Reports and we no longer have an Effective Opens metric. We have included both Opens and Effective Opens within the "Opens" metric of the new report.

    As far as your suppressions go, those are email addresses who were targeted as recipients, however were suppressed from receiving the email. Common reasons for being suppressed from receiving an email would be that that person is on an opt-out list, hard bounce list, or spam complaint list. All emails on those respective lists will be suppressed from receiving future emails. Another alternative would be that they were included in a suppression list that was applied within the email composer. You can find the reason as to why records were suppressed by clicking on the suppressed emails within the email report.

    Please let us know if you have any follow up questions on this!

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