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A New Embedded Help Center Experience

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  • Carina Janzon

    Hi! Is there some way to minimize this Help button? It blocks information, for example the amount in a segment when looking at marketing lists. Thanks

  • Kara Letourneau

    Hi. The location of the Help button makes it impossible to see the quantity of our most-recent segment, or to choose the drop-down arrow to edit/open the segment. I had to change the zoom % on my browser to get at it. Is there someplace else you could put it? Maybe to the left of the search box/ Thanks, Kara

  • Angela DeFries

    Yes, that help button gets in the way often and makes it difficult to edit. It really needs to go somewhere else or be minimizable. I use a Dell computer and am in Chrome.


  • Jesper Luijten

    We think there is a bug in it as well. We've received word from clients that the buttons don't work. (HP laptop with windows)

  • Anne Mullaney

    The Help button makes it impossible to move to the next page in my reports! Is there a way to minimize it, or move it?

  • Scott Andera

    I'm seeing the same issue. The Help button is blocking me from seeing the next page in my reports. Would really like a way to minimize or move the button. Thanks.

  • Max Spector Act-On Team

    Hi All,

    Thanks for the feedback. We will be working on a way to dismiss the Help button temporarily to handle any issues with overlap.

    I do apologize for the inconvenience, while we did scour the app prior to release to look for issues with overlapping, everyone's browser, window and screen resolution and dimensions make it hard to get perfect positioning.

    In the meantime, we would love to know which pages are problematic and any display issues. You can send this information to our Support team or message me directly here in the Community.

    Thanks again,

    Max Spector

    Principal Product Manager

  • Brian Gossett

    When adding/moving fields to the bottom of a form, the new Help bottom obscures some of the form options.

  • Omega Institute

    Links in our messages keep reverting to a weird blue: #1E7DF8. It actually looks suspiciously like that thin blue accent line in the image above.

    I set the color we want under message styling, but if I close & reopen the message the link color has reverted again. The only way I can get around it it to save the color I want in each link. Seems to have started when the help button 1st appeared. Anyone else reported an issue around this? Different departments uses different colors; I'm currently having to create multiple new headers and footers in each color for them, at least for messages going out in the next few days.

  • Chris Apgar

    Hi Omega team - thanks for reporting this. We'll look into this right away. In the meantime, could you confirm whether that link color persists in your test messages, or if the color is only changing in the Design and/or Review tabs of the editor?

  • Omega Institute

    Color change is definitely making it through to sends. Links should all match the teal line. If I update the color & send right away the correct color comes through, but if I pass the corrected message onto someone else to send (or I reopen it) the colors are back to blue.

  • Cindy Schifano


    We are experiencing the same thing across our instances. All our links changed to the blue that Omega Team reported. And it's also appearing in the emails that are delivered as well.

    I've corrected it the message style box to our blue (#034681), but when the message goes out, it's back to the  #1E7DF8 color.



  • Chris Apgar

    Hi Cindy and the Omega team,

    Thanks for sharing more details. This does not look to be related to the newly launched Help Center, but I have opened support cases for both of you so that our team can take a closer look. You'll hear back from us on this via email.


  • Kara Letourneau

    Hello. Yes, we are also experiencing link colors changing from the darker blue we chose (#0000CC) to a MUCH lighter teal. - Kara

  • Chris Apgar

    Hi Kara, Cindy, and the Omega Institute team - your links should no longer be getting changed. Please test this out when you get a chance, and if you are still seeing the issue let our support team know so they can assist further.

  • Cindy Schifano

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the fix and the update. My link colors seem to be working this morning. I did have to change the colors in a draft message, but when I tested it, the change seemed to stick.

    I'll open a ticket if it happens again.

    Thanks again.



  • Kim Leonard

    Earlier today I switched my link color back to the color that was in a draft and closed the draft. When I reopened it just now, the links are reverted to #1E7DF8 from the #003399 I'd chosen. Help! Thank You. Kim.

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