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Concise whitesheet/infograpic/video on consequesnces of emailing non-subscribers

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  • Benjamin Pratt

    Hi James,

    Thanks for reaching out! My name is Benjamin Pratt, and I'm part of the Deliverability Team here at Act-On. While we don't have a white paper on the topic you're looking for (yet!), I can provide some information for you here!

    Using third party data or sending to non-subscribers can be incredibly enticing, but sending to non-subscribers is risky on multiple levels - you risk damaging not only your sending reputation, but also your brand image, and potentially your wallet in the case of legal violations!

    • Across the industry, sending to non-subscribers results in higher spam complaint and opt-out rates, both of which cause damage to your sending reputation.
    • As your reputation continues to trend downwards, your open rates and click-to-open rates will also see a decrease, while the recipient ISPs of the world (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) start placing your mail in the spam folder or quarantine.
    • Continued damage to your sending reputation can then result in an increase in soft bounces, and inevitably, getting yourself blacklisted.
    • This can also result in content-warnings for clicked links, meaning the audience is warned that your domain is untrusted.

    At the end of the day, sending to recipients who aren't expecting to receive your mail does far more harm than good and can impede you from achieving a sustainable sending future.

    I hope you find this information helpful! Keep an eye on the Act-On blog, as the Deliverability Team is constantly working to roll out new blogs on topics just like this!



  • James Matney

    I look forward to any whitsheet or infographic you can provide. I will definitely want to pass that around. This is great info. I will be quoting this in our new email marketing policies sheet.

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