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How clicks are tracked



  • Chris Apgar

    Hi Coni! There's a lot that could be said about click tracking on a technical level, I'll start with the basics but feel free to keep asking any questions that you may have.

    For each clickable link in your email, Act-On creates a new intermediary link that points to it. So if I put a link to in the email editor, when the message gets sent Act-On will change this to something like (this is a super simplified example, the link will really be a bit more complex). We then check visits to this separate tracking link when calculating email clicks.

    The bottom line is, even if your website was down, Act-On's click tracking should still have worked since your contacts still made it to our tracking URL. Hope that makes sense, and as I said let me know if you have other questions!

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  • Coni Warren

    Thank you! That makes sense!

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