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Background Image Sizing on Landing Page

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  • James Matney

    I don't think I have ever used the background image option. Can you just make the image the exact width that you want the image and column and then just drag the space between the columns so that the column width matches the width of your image?

  • Paul Robnett

    Hi James, thanks for the response.  Here is a screengrab of one image dropped in two different ways.  On the bottom right is what happens when the image is placed in the container by using the drag n drop image block - full image is displayed automatically.  on the top left it shows how the background image is handled - it's more or less ignored by the container.

    Only by adding content into that same container and by using a lot of CSS can i control it but even then it's rather difficult to get it to behave as I want.


  • Kristy Abero Act-On Team

    Hi Paul, 

    Are you using the column sizing tool to drag and adjust the width of the columns on the Landing Page? That is one way you can control the size of the column container and therefore the image in the container. Here's a quick video of resizing columns:

    I hope that helps! If not, feel free to respond here with more information on your process or reach out to support to have them take a look. 


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