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April 29, 2020 | Release Notes

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  • Tim Klimasewski

    Hi Olaf Kowalik, I am troubleshooting a problem with how my form submissions push a new lead to salesforce which then triggers an salesforce email from the my salesforce lead assignment rules. This problem surfaced after late on Friday April 29 which corresponds to the timing of this release. The lead creation and the auto-assignment is working as normal. However the email notification is not. All that I can find from the salesforce side is this article:

    First do you know if this article is relevant to a form's push to salesforce via CRM settings (via the API)? And do you know if there is anything on the Act-On side that changed recently that is related to the triggerUserEmail value? 

    Thanks Tim

  • Erinda Ylli Act-On Team

    hello Tim Klimasewski!

    This would be the most relevant link for the Act-On program that creates a lead in CRM from a form submission

    It looks like triggerUserEmail is set in Salesforce and relies on the information that is included in the lead (or contact). From what I can see, there was no change included in the release that would have impacted the lead creation. 

    Let me follow up with you over email to get some additional details.



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