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Monthly Averages Report

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  • James Matney

    The way it was presented to use to build those types of reports is to go to Automations>Campaigns, and then create a campaign that includes all of the emails that have been sent during the desired month. Once the campaign is generated, you a report is available.

    The percentages will seem a little higher than what you see in your emails. Campaigns don't make averages of the email averages. They build the calculations from scratch. So, if a contact only opens one of the ten email in the campaign, and are not part of your open rate in most of your emails, they still become part of your open rate within the campaign.

  • Michelle Dalrymple

    Thanks so much, this was extremely helpful.

  • Joonas Ylimaula Act-On Team

    Hi Michelle Dalrymple 

    Great question. Besides using the Campaign report, another option would be to click on the Rollup button at the right corner of the Outbound > Sent Messages page and calculate averages in the exported spreadsheet. This option gives you additional flexibility on how to calculate averages (from the message level ratios or by first summing up monthly totals and then recalculating monthly ratios). Let me know if you'd like to discuss these options in more detail. I'm actively exploring ways to improve our summary level reporting options and looking to talk to customers with needs in this area.


    Joonas Ylimaula | Sr. Product Manager
    Act-On Software, Inc.

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