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Rich Text Editor Upgrade Release Notes - May 13, 2020

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  • Hans Christian Bothmann

    Excellent improvements!

  • Wes Hammond

    These are welcomed additions, especially the new email and phone call hyperlink options. Thank you and keep it up!

  • MTI Mike Conaty

    Hate to be the grumpy naysayer, but arrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh, right in the middle of the week! A total roadblock as I try and figure out new workarounds to the "improvements." You've added hours and hours to our workflow to add a couple of minor shortcuts for the WYSIWYG crowd. There was a solution all along, learn HTML, and learn that writing HTML for email isn't the same as for the web.

    Not at all thrilled with any of this... except I can finally search the image library from the Rich Text Editor. Keep that, lose the rest.

  • Erinda Ylli Act-On Team

    MTI Mike Conaty sorry to hear this has impacted your workflow. I will be in touch with you to understand which workarounds are being over-ridden by the upgrade.

  • Kevin Rice

    Is it no longer possible to include personalization fields in a url?

    You used to be able to do this href="{{First Name}}&p2={{Last Name}}"

    The new editor encodes everything so you get this href=""

  • Erinda Ylli Act-On Team

    thanks for letting us know Kevin Rice! We will investigate and be in touch with you!

  • Laura Willis

    i like the new Rich text editor and ive updated my team today about it so eager to see their thoughts, only thing that threw me out was the removal of Opt out button, we spent couple hours testing some emails that kept coming up as errors nad CANSPAM, in the end we rewrote them and copied the long url out of old email footer but now have to make manual changes otherwise we keep getting errors.


    my favourte icon is the button - i see what you did there, very clever

  • Chean Lawrence

    I'm having the same problem as Kevin Rice. The link personalization no longer works. This is extremely problematic as we have 2 personalized surveys going out tomorrow to a large segment of our clients.

  • Erinda Ylli Act-On Team

    Chean Lawrence and Kevin Rice! We have found the issue and have a fix that will go out no later than Tuesday. I will be in touch with both of you individually to make sure we can eliminate any impact to you until this is resolved.

  • Svenja Kirsten

    I cannot copy/paste tables anymore like I was able to before. I am missing the "link to form button" in the menue. Either I havn't found these out yet, or these functions are well hidden. Sorrry, no visible improvement so far to me as being in the middle of the need to setup a couple of emails and now distracted by these changes.

  • Erinda Ylli Act-On Team

    Svenja Kirsten I will be in touch with you shortly to get more details and assist you!

  • Cindy Schifano

    Happy to see the new improved interface and improved way of handling tables, and looking forward to exploring more!

    Unfortunately, someone on my team is having trouble with a button centering, and I'm having a problem with an image centering. They look fine in Act-On, but when the test comes through Outlook, they are left justified!


    Anyone else experiencing this?

  • Erinda Ylli Act-On Team

    Hi Cindy Schifano! The center alignment for images is a known limitation for Outlook email clients. The suggested method to insert an image is to use the Image block.

    Regarding the button, have you changed the alignment in the pop-up modal?

  • Cindy Schifano

    Hi Erinda Ylli,

    Thanks for your quick response.

    Thanks for the note about the button - that was the issue there! one problem solved! :)

    For the image - With the old editor, I could center images in the text box. I'm actually reusing an old message that had two images. I had to replace the second image - and that's the one that came through Outlook as left justified. The first image was still centered.

    Thanks for the note about the button - that was the issue there!

    However, we are also having trouble with tables - selecting center justified, but when it comes in, it's left justified. The table is not as wide as the message, so it's very obvious.

    Appreciate any insight!



  • Erinda Ylli Act-On Team

    Cindy Schifano glad to hear that...about the one problem :)

    Re: image alignment. Thanks the additional info and the note on tables. Someone from our support team will be in touch with you shortly!

    Happy Friday~


  • Cindy Schifano

    Thanks, Erinda Ylli.


    Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend as well!


  • Hayden Sisk

    Hello - I've been trying to add a mailto link to a button on a landing page within the rich text editor. IT all seems to be fine, but i'm getting invalid markings when i validate my links. . We are on a deadline - what can be done to get this to go to an email? 

    and the button doesn't work. 

  • Erinda Ylli Act-On Team

    hi Hayden Sisk,

    I've alerted our tech support team. Someone will be in touch with you to address this issue.

  • Hayden Sisk

    thank you, we are on a deadline for this landing page and we couldn't get this one aspect to work out. if I made a button module the mailto wouldn't even be allowed. Within the rich text - it was allowed, (even seemed to be suggested within the copy at the bottom of the url box), not it wouldn't validate the link and once previewed the link didn't work at all. 

  • Lisa Jackson


    With the removal of the Social Share we can no longer replace the social icons with our own custom icons. The social widget provides limited options that don't match corp guidelines. Any advise here would be helpful.

  • Sylvia Pinegar

    There was at one point as style in the dropdown labeled <DIV> (in the paragraph dropdown) and that seems to be gone. That styled the paragraph spacing where it matched both in outlook and in web preview. What is the workaround?

  • Sarah Ortega

    It looks nice, but the functionality for linking to ActOn landing pages really took a hit on this one. It used to be I could select text to link, click the landing page link button, and using the native browser search function get to the landing page and link it up. Now it somehow forgets what text I've highlighted and just adds the text "Default" with the link to the very top first text.

    There really isn't a way for me to nav to the correct landing page without search functionality. It's not like in images or media where you've decided to add easy folder searching. It's just one long mass list and if you've been a customer as long as we have with several landing pages a week, that's a heck of a scroll.

  • Erinda Ylli Act-On Team

    Sylvia Pinegar thank you for your feedback! We're planning to add this back in next week's release.


  • Erinda Ylli Act-On Team

    hello Sarah Ortega. The link is supposed to work as expected and I am unable to reproduce your issue. Someone from our Support team will be in touch with you to identify the root cause. Thanks for your feedback and your patience!

  • Sarah Ortega

    Great! It's fairly consistent for me so I should have no trouble reproducing the issue.

  • Kim Leonard

    Sad to see we've lost "forward to a friend." 


  • Erinda Ylli Act-On Team

    hi Kim Leonard! The "Forward to Friend" feature is being evaluated to be added back with improvements. I will be reaching out to you for more details.

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