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Push to Salesforce Error Message: Use one of these records?



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    Kristy Abero

    Hi Randi, 

    I'd suggest opening a ticket with Support with screenshots of the exact errors you're experiencing. They'll be able to advise and help you resolve the sync errors. 


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  • Tim Klimasewski

    Hi Randi, I administer a salesforce org connected to Act-On and I have run into this problem when I am pushing a new lead into salesforce AND salesforce matches that new record as a duplicate AND what salesforce decides to do when there is a match.  So first, a matched is defined by the salesforce matching rules - you likely are using the standard ones. BUT that is not the problem. The problem is how salesforce determines what to do on a match -- that is defined by duplicate rules. The standard duplicate rules are configured to notify the user with the messsage 'Use one of these records?'. That message is sent back to act-on that you see in the list of push errors and nothing happens. What you need to do is create a condition on the duplicate rule to exempt your act-on-to-salesforce connected user. I do this with any combination of:

    Current User: Last Name NOT EQUAL TO 

    Current User: Profile NOT EQUAL TO 

    Current User: Username NOT EQUAL TO

    This seems to work for me. I have added this type of condition to both the lead to lead and lead to contact standard duplicate rules and all my custom rules.

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