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Act-on Report with the survey participants Released

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  • Chris Apgar

    Hi Cindy! I took a look in your account and was able to see survey results with matching colors as you requested. I believe that if you clear the cache in your browser, you will see this appear normally again.

    If you give that a try and still see issues, please let our support team know so that we can help you resolve this.

  • Konecranes Port Solutions

    Hi Chris,

    When it is shown in the web browser, it shows the correct color, but when I print it into PDF, the result is like above I posted.

    Please help, thanks.



  • Joonas Ylimaula Act-On Team

    Hi Cindy, thanks for reporting this and for providing additional detail. It looks like the PDF isn't displaying the color legends for participants as the web UI does. We will investigate and fix this asap.

    Joonas Ylimaula | Sr. Product Manager
    Act-On Software, Inc.
  • Joonas Ylimaula Act-On Team

    This has been fixed.

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