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Salesforce Sales Package v1.85 - now fully supporting Lightning | Release Notes

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  • Chris Bjorklund

    We have not been able to do the upgrade yet due to other big changes being made to our Salesforce account, however, I'm hoping this new view of Account Reports might have an option to set a time frame for the activities. We have one account for instance that pulls up over 8000 activities (long history, lots of contacts). If they could select the time frame, that would be VERY helpful. E.g., last 7 days, last month.

  • Dante Coyne Act-On Team

    Hi Chris! 

    I sent you an email on the back of a ticket raised for this very question yesterday but I have copied my response below for you! 

    "Hi Chris, 

    I hope all is well with you? Just to update you on the below. 

    I could not see this mentioned as a feature in the latest Salesforce update so I reached out internally. With regret I was able to confirm with my peers we do not have this as a feature in the new version or any other version of the package we currently use however, we are keen to make this a better experience for you and can look into reducing the amount of history to make this shorter therefore quicker loading. For example, say 5 years worth of data is being populated at once (hence the slow loading) but only the last 2 years are actually relevant to you at this time so we would look towards only populating the last 2 years into the view. If another time frame is preferred do let me know and we can work towards this. 

    If you would rather not reduce the history in this way the Alternative would need be to raise this as a feature request.  Just so you know if you do opt for the 1st suggestion, the older data (history no longer shown in view) would not be deleted just redacted from the view. 

    Let me know your thoughts on these options Chris. 

    Kindest Regards, " 

    I hope this helps, replying back to my email will update the support ticket we have open for you. 

    I look forward to hearing from you soon. 


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