Meet the New Act-On!

Sarah Moore

Welcome to the New Act-On: The Growth Marketing Platform for the Modern Marketer

David Greenberg, SVP Marketing

I am thrilled to introduce you to the new Act-On. 

First off, we at Act-on want to thank our customers and partners who have challenged us to evolve (and continue evolving) in this new direction. Your input and considerations impact everything we do. 

As one of the original marketing automation pioneers, we are excited to share our next chapter with you. 

We all know that buyer behavior has completely changed in the past 5 years. This includes the how and the why, but thankfully not the what.  Buyers (both consumers and businesses) are now in control of the buying process and do their own research on their own time to get the information they need at the time they need it. They do all of this long before they even consider talking to a salesperson.

Going Beyond the Lead 

Gone are the days when “capturing” leads was enough. And say goodbye to winning in today’s environment with the same old “CRM-mindset,” which results in a view of the customer solely through the lens of the sales function. Experience reigns supreme. To be successful in this new paradigm, Marketing must change and improve with how they speak to and engage with customers and prospects.

We understand this and are launching our growth marketing platform with a singular yet powerful directive: To bring the power of technology to marketers who aspire to authentically engage across the entire customer lifecycle

Act-On has always prided itself on delivering a high-value platform for marketers, and today’s announcements deepen and further commitment. The new Act-On growth marketing platform empowers marketers to drive deeper and more meaningful engagement to not only grow their business but also deliver holistic brand and product experiences. 

Without further ado, here’s what’s new at Act-On!

Powerful Event Triggers

Deliver user-specific real-time messaging based on individual behaviors and interactions through any third-party system integration. Welcome new users with engaging onboarding messages, provide product inventory updates to loyal customers, and celebrate major customer milestones to enhance brand experiences and strengthen customer relationships.


Transactional Email

Send critical emails and notifications, order confirmations and receipts, and account and password reset communications with our improved transactional email feature. Deliver rapid, non-promotional communications that exceed customer expectations and deliver what they need when they need it.

SMS Messaging

Send timely, targeted text messages that encourage users to engage with your offerings at every stage along the buyer journey. Leverage SMS to confirm purchases, remind users about services, appointments, and events, and send enticing product promotions to fuel better adoption, usage, and retention.

Additional Act-On Improvements

  • More Zapier Integrations!: We’ve greatly expanded our integrations with Zapier to seamlessly connect our users with the third-party applications they love — including Zoom, Google Suite, EventBrite, Shopify, and LinkedIn. This combination of simplicity and flexibility will help our customers automate critical workflow processes to leverage important data gathered through other technologies.
  • Interactive Reporting: Redesigned and highly interactive reporting in Act-On enables you to better visualize, share, and dig deeper into your campaign and program analytics. This allows you to quickly and accurately identify patterns of success (or difficulties) and improve in real-time.
  • Enhanced Content Creation Tools: Create, edit, and improve your digital content across all of your digital properties — and do so more efficiently within the Act-On platform to improve engagement and overall impact. 

You might have also noticed our refreshed look and interface. These brand updates visually reflect our dedication to the modern marketer and are rooted in our growth marketing vision. We think they make for a more enjoyable and streamlined user experience that will help you do even more great work.

To learn more about these new features, our product roadmap and vision, please join me and Act-On's Product leadership team for our Product Showcase webinar Thursday, June 11th. REGISTER HERE




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    CAPA Marketing Sorry about that. I tested the Landing Page link again and it was working on our end. I apologize for the inconvenience. Here is the link to the on-demand recording that you may watch at your convenience. Thanks so much for your interest! 

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    Great update of the logo ans styling! Look good.

    When are these new functionalities going live? Curious...

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    Thanks for the update. Would love to register for the webinar, however the above link leads to:


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