Interested in Triggered Email From a Third Party Application?

Andrew Kugler

Event Triggered Email is a new system coming to Act-On soon, we are entering a BETA trial period soon and are looking for anyone who many want to join in!


The ETE system allow you to trigger emails by an API call without worrying about a list, while leveraging templates from Act-On, and provides behavioral data from those emails.   This can allow a company to consolidate separate email streams into one source where they can be monitored and improved upon for branding and deliverabilty. 

If you are interested please post back, we are looking for customers who: 

  • Have access to envelopment resources to use the Act-On API
  • Have a need or are currently using emails in a transactional sense (event bookings, receipts, password resets, etc.)

If anyone has questions please feel free to post them!




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    Kat Dooley

    We are interested at National Food Group. Myself and my Netsuite Admin/Developer Jessica would love to be a part of this. 
    Right now a lot of triggered event emails are sent direct through Netsuite with Javascript and it would be nice to see how we can do some of these through Act-On to get engagement metrics and reporting. 


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    Wes Hammond

    We would also be interested in sending emails that trigger from an event in Netsuite.

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    Tami Krupski

    We (at Doig Corp) would also be interested. Thanks!

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    Digital Team

    Is the Beta trial still happening or are there any updates with launching this system soon? (ABS)  


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