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Dark-mode compatibility



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    Kristy Abero

    Hi Juan, 

    It does! When logged in > go to your profile in the upper right hand corner > click the dark tile next to Theme. This will enable our version of Dark Mode within the UI. 


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  • Marketing Generic

    Hi Kristy, I think Juan is referring to the new native email client accessibility add-on of "dark mode" emails.

    The switch from normal email viewing to a dark rendering email version after say 18:00.  

    More info on this trend:

    I think Juan, and I want to know if Act-on's native email builder will be updated to take this change into account, as we want to be able to send and render emails from Act-on in the best possible way, at any time. 

    I'm looking into the code snippet additions needed, but have no idea how to add in the code to the <head> of the email using the native Act-on builder. Is this a possibility?



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