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I wanted to create a post for the community that outlines the steps to take for importing data produced by Act-On's Data Studio platform into the Google Data Studio platform. Firstly, don't be afraid as it is easier than it might appear!

To begin with you'll need to ensure you have a destination in place for your extracts within Act-On Data Studio. To do this you'll need to choose Destinations from the menu on the side and then click HERE on the main screen. Choose Google Drive from the drop down and then look to authorise Act-On to have access to the drive. Once this has been completed you'll have a destination configured as shown below (make sure you "Save changes to server").

From here build out the report you wish and when you get to the final stage of "Delivery" set the destination to be your Google Drive and if need be you can then use a specific folder. Also, make sure the extract is in CSV format only and not a CSV ZIP or similar.

As I want this report to be updated each week I have set be schedule to create this report every Sunday night and I want to ensure my file name does NOT have the Append Date in there otherwise Google Data Studio will not see my new data.

Once I've finished my report the next steps are to generate a file within Google Data Studio so you have one in place to use for the Google Data Studio data source. The next steps are outlined in the below recording.

The above is an example of how you might take all of your form submissions into Act-On and show the number of form submissions (based on the unique email address count) you have received for perhaps the previous week. Once in Google Data Studio you can press the refresh data icon at the top right of the platform and it will pull in the fresh data contained within the CSV file.

I hope this helps!





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