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Chat opening hours

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    Scott Wallace Act-On Team

    Hi Simon,

    Chat is available within EMEA too and the opening hours are now 10am-3pm UK time.

  • Simon Baker

    Not for me it's not. See copied text directyl from my support login. It's 11:57am right now and it's showing as closed.



    Chat with an Act-On expert right here in this browser window.

    You can continue to browse within Act-On Connect — the chat will follow you.

    Chat is closed

    We’re available for chat weekdays from 9am – 1pm Pacific Time, excluding holidays.



  • Scott Wallace Act-On Team

    The page does indeed show that (Zendesk isn't picking up on the European department timezone for the automatic verbiage regarding "Chat is closed" for some reason). However, the line underneath this does indeed need to be updated but you will have still been shown the chat window in the bottom right hand corner that would have intitiated a live chat with one of the EMEA team.

  • Simon Baker

    I can see the text has changed now but still no option to initiate a chat at 16:30 UK time.

  • Mark Davidson

    Chat is not available as a support channel even though it should be showing at this time.

  • Scott Wallace Act-On Team

    Hi Mark,

    The chat hours are 9-1pm PST and 10-12 UK time and I as compose this message the current time is 2:42pm in the UK and 6:43am PST so we're a couple hours away from chat being available from the US support team.

  • Mark Davidson

    So it's only open for 2 hours during UK office hours?

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