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Known Issue: Contact Report and Account Report will not open for users in Salesforce Lightning (See Updates in Comments) Released

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    Lauren Mulkern Act-On Team


    We now have a fix for this package. To receive the patch, Salesforce Administrators must upgrade to ActOnInfo version 1.86.

    Changes in this package release include:

    • Updates to the Act-On Contact Report (Leads, Contacts) and the Act-On Account Report to bypass a Salesforce known issue, this fixes broken buttons
    • Updates to API version for various web requests. This brings our web requests to use the most current Salesforce APIs and prevents future issues.

    If you are currently using ActOnInfo version 1.85, you will only need to upgrade the package. No further configuration is required.

    If you are using ActOnInfo 1.84 or below, you may need to make additional configuration changes to utilize all features.

    For more information and complete instructions, see our upgrade guide here: How to Upgrade your Salesforce Package

  • Lauren Mulkern Act-On Team


    Our engineers have determined that this is a known issue in Salesforce related to the Custom Button for VisualForce Pages. Unfortunately, there is no known workaround.

    As this is an issue within the Salesforce platform, Act-On cannot provide a timeline on when this may be fixed.

    For additional details and a full description, see Reference W-3171782.


    Next Steps:

    Our team is exploring potential changes to our Salesforce package to work around this issue while we wait for Salesforce to fix the error.

    We strongly encourage you to report to Salesforce that you have been impacted by this bug by clicking the link above and checking the box "This Issue Affects me".

    This allows Salesforce to understand how many accounts are impacted and also subscribes you to updates. A Trailblazer account is required.

    Thank you for all of your patience. We will continue to provide updates this situation changes.

  • Lauren Mulkern Act-On Team


    Act-On understands the Contact Report is a critical feature for your sales teams. We do not recommend installing unsupported features such as the deprecated Inline Activity History. While this component may seem functional, the report information may be inaccurate. As of now, the only known work-around is to use Salesforce in Classic mode.

    While we wait for Salesforce to fix this bug, our engineering team is still exploring potential changes to our integration package to restore the Contact Report and Account Report.

    We'll continue to update this post as we have more information. Thanks again for your patience on this critical issue.

  • Lauren Mulkern Act-On Team


    Our engineers are currently working on a fix for this issue. We'll provide another update when we have confirmed a release date for the newest package.

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