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How do users opt-in


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    Kade Swanson-Theisen

    Hey there, short answer: the system opt-in behavior is recorded when a previously opted out contact goes back to the subscription management page (or their opt-out link if subscription management is not enabled) and un-checks the opt-out box.

    The longer answer depends on what you're trying to accomplish with an opt-in field. The system opt-in behavior is not required for sending emails to contacts. So whatever issue you were having sending a test message is unrelated to the system opt-in field. Unless you're referring to trying to an email contact that has opted-out, in which case the contact would need to go back to their opt-out link to uncheck the opt-out preference.

    If you're looking to track an opt-in value for compliance reasons or general best practice (for contacts that have not previously opted-out), we recommend the process you referenced for double opt-in using custom fields and segments.

    With the above (or any list value based tracking for opt-in) you rely on segmentation to send emails to opted-in contacts. This is also the standard method when there is an opt-in status being tracked in a CRM integrated with Act-On.

    Let me know if that clarifies,

    -Kade Swanson-Theisen

    Customer Success Manager

    Act-On Software

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