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Pulling landing page url as a hidden field in a form

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  • Tony Pellegrini Act-On Team

    Hey Digital Team,

    Act-On Forms are automatically capturing this data within your Form Submission List in a field titled "_FORM_URL". If your Form is embedded on multiple Landing Pages or Webpages, this field will capture the URL of the page that each particular form submission originated from. If this data will suffice, you may not need to include a Hidden Field within your forms.

    Please let us know if have any follow up questions on this!

  • Digital Team

    Hi Tony, the reason we would like to capture this data is to push it to CRM when someone submits the form. Is there a way to push that data to CRM when the form is submitted without creating the Hidden Fields? 

  • Tony Pellegrini Act-On Team

    Hi Digital Team,


    Apologies on the delay in responding here. I had to do some testing myself to make sure the following solution works. You are able to map the _FORM_URL data to a custom field via a Hidden Field block. This data can then be pushed to CRM upon the form submission (assuming you're using one of our native CRM integrations).

    To do this, you will want to create a Hidden Field block within your form similar to this one:


    You will want to update the "Column Name" to align with the CRM field that you want to push the URL data to. Mine is set to "Webpage Name" however it is most likely you will have your own unique field that will need to be placed within the "Column Name" field above.

    This field will now capture the URL of the form submission within your own custom field as opposed to the automatically generated "_FORM_URL" field. I have just completed testing this using our Salesforce integration and it seems to be working properly!

    Please let us know if you run into any trouble while configuring this on your end.

  • Digital Team

    Thank you Tony, that worked! Just to add to the thread, I did notice that at least for me I had to put "_FORM_URL" field first otherwise it would pick up the data of the hidden field I placed above it. 

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