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IP warming



  • Michael Kinne

    Hello François,

    IP warming and domain ramping are only considerations if your account is using dedicated mailing IPs that have not been previously warmed for use. Accounts that do not have dedicated mailing IPs take advantage of Act-On's shared mailing pools, a group of IP addresses with established and monitored mailing reputation.

    You can read more about the pros and cons of shared pool vs dedicated mailing IP architecture in these 2 articles:

    When utilizing the shared pools gradually increasing volume over a week would be similar to using the send-over-time feature for the same period, so we can recommend you to use either method.

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  • François Lhuissier

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for your reply and the link to these useful articles. I never think of browsing the blog.

    Our customer doesn't reach the volume to justify having a dedicated IP address so they're pooled.

    In their early tests with 75 contacts, half of which having Gmail addresses, their emails went directly to the Gmail spam folder (reason: "it is likely previous messages were identified as spams"). This did not happen with other ISPs, only with Gmail . How can this happen in a shared pool? And how would you suggest to proceed with a campaign aimed at 15'000 contacts by the end of the month?

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