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HMTL lang attribute


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    Scott Wallace


    This is a great question! You'll be glad to know that you can achieve this by editing one of our stationery templates to add in the code. To begin with I downloaded one of ours (Plain) and then modified the line below to no longer be just HTML but to be HTML lang="en".

    I then saved this file as a new file in a new folder/zip architecture that we require to upload new stationery into the platform. If you take a look at the below you'll see a message I sent to myself that was using the new stationery and how the value was kept in the email.

    To work with our stationery builder we have a KB article here that walks you through the process of uploading new stationery into the platform. If you get stuck please feel free to reach out to the support team who will be able to assist you.

    I hope this helps you to apply the correct language setting you require for your emails.

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