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Form Fields - Referral URL and UTM tag passing


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    Scott Wallace

    Hi Charlie,

    For the Hidden Referral URL this can indeed be captured; however, it will require an additional piece of javascript on your website to allow us to capture the page url at the time of the form submission. If you take a look at the below you'll see the code that you'd need to place on each page.

    aoPostLoadCallback = function(){
    document.querySelector("input[name='Page Submitted']").setAttribute("value", document.location.href);


    The key piece of the code is the section "Page Submitted" on the third line. This is the name of the hidden field on the form I've used to capture this information. However, you can work with any field name you wish to but you'd need to make sure the value in the code matches that of your form i.e. Page URL and Page URL.

    With regards to the UTM tag passing question if the form is on the same page where the UTMs are visible in the URL then we can collect these very easily through a hidden field and using the capture UTM parameter option. We have a KB article on this here. However, if somebody arrives to your page from let's say a Google AdWord/similar and then moves away from that page before filling in a form then we will not be able to capture those parameters at the time of submission without some additional javascript being placed on your site.

    Finally, for your country list the best option would be to export the data from your CRM to ensure the values line up and then upload this list to the platform. Before importing the data into Act-On ensure you have two columns for the data as this will be a) the label the contact sees and b) the value you wish to pass to the CRM. An example of this below.

    Once you have the raw data you want to work with you can upload it into the platform following the below clip.

    To also save time in the future you could then save this field as a Content Fragment. For more information on this please take a look at our KB article here.

    I hope this all helps Charlie.

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