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Moving group of files at a time in the image library

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    Joe Barnes Act-On Team


    My name is Joe and I would be happy to assist with this today. 

    Currently, we do not have a feature for this. However this is a fantastic idea and we would be very happy to have you submit this as a feature request. By submitting a feature request, you're letting us know how we can improve our product for daily use. Please feel free to visit:

    And submit your idea here. 


    Thank you so much!

  • Katrina Neveri

    I agree there needs to be a faster way than CTRL to move files. Shift also does not work, only CTRL works. But I'm looking for multi-selection using checkboxes for example, where I can check all of the images I need and then move them in a batch to another image folder/location. I also do not like how the page reloads the list every time you move a single file or batch of files with CTRL.

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