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Segment By Specific Email Link Click

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    Scott Wallace Act-On Team

    Hi Kat,

    One approach you can take to achieve this is to use Media Links within the platform. The first step would be to take the links you want to work with and add them as a media asset. This approach will allow us to a) track who clicked on it and b) redirect the contact immediately to the final destination.

    To do this initial step you would need to follow the steps in the below video.

    Once you have copied the URL for the media asset you would use this as your call to action in the email.

    That's the first part completed and the next step is to identify who has clicked on that link. To do this we would create a segment underneath your distribution list and this would look like this:-

    As the URL is unique and will have only been used in the email itself the "in all time" attribute is fine but you can easily change the timeframe to suit your own needs.

    I hope this helps you achieve your ultimate goal but please do let us know if it doesn't or if you've got any additional questions.



  • Kat Burrowes

    I am wanting to create a segment based on who clicks on a specific link, NOT a click on ANY link, in an email.

  • Dante Coyne Act-On Team

    Hi Kat, 

    Thanks for reaching out to Act-On support! We have a very handy knowledge base article that expands on how to define a wide range of criteria which may be useful for future segments.

    Regarding your specific example. "Create a segment based on who clicks on a specific link, NOT a click on ANY link, in an email." 

    I'm afraid we don't have this exact type of query available, but based on what is on each link you should be able to filter this information using the AND expression. When using this we can say that we only want contacts who clicked on a specific message AND clicked a specific link that directs to a landing page. 

    By constructing the query in this way, you are ensuring that both conditions must be met, not just one. e.g. if a contact clicked on this message but did not access the landing page (which is one of the links within the email) They will not show on this segment. This type of query also works for websites. Form views and submissions.

    I hope this information helps. Do let us know if you need further assistance. 

    Kindest Regards, 
    Dante Coyne

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