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Can you add personalization to an image?

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    Joe Barnes Act-On Team

    Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for reaching out to Act-On Technical Support. My name is Joe and I would be happy to help today. 

    So, there is a couple of ways to achieve this. 

    1. You can put this image inside of a table in the rich text editor. That way, you can add text inside the table under or to the side of the image. You can just add a table with a single column in the RTE, add your image, and then make some text under it. Then, once you position the size of the table to where you want it, the text will be under the image. Giving it a card type feel. 


    2. The next way would be to utilize the custom CSS/HTML options we provide. If you're editing a landing page, there will be a button over to the right on the editor for adding custom CSS. If you're editing an email, you can add a block into your message that is for custom HTML. From there, you can utilize HTML and CSS code in order to put in a custom card with the overlay text the way you want it to be.

    We don't specifically have an overlay text option within our message/landing page editors. There are ways to work around it, but the best way to do this and achieve the best results would be to utilize custom CSS/HTML. 


    I hope this helps! 

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