Direct Traffic Spike in Analytics Correlates to Email Sends

Michelle Dean

Hi Act-On Community,

Starting on Sept 10th, we noticed a spike in Direct Traffic in Google Analytics that correlates with our Email sends.

Does anyone know if any of the larger email providers (Outlook, Gmail, etc) changed their security setup? I am aware of Apple Mail, but this started happening before iOS 15 was released.

Some of the traffic is recorded correctly, so it's not that email tracking completely broke for Act-on. Nothing changed in how we set up Analytics and tracking in Act-on either. The website prospector and website visit report also show Act-on is tracking visits to our site.

Has anyone else had a similar trend in Direct Traffic in Analytics?




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    Marat Mambetov Act-On Team
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    Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for contacting Act-On Technical Support Team.

    If you are seeing a high number of opens/clicks as soon as they hit the mailboxes – particularly the "View in Browser" link – an email scanning service such as Barracuda may be the cause. We do have an article in Act-on and you can read more about this here!

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Kind regards,

    Marat Mambetov

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    ECO Canada Team


    We're also seeing this. The campaign/source/medium data doesn't seem to be passing through to analytics for the majority of the traffic, but a handful of it is (talking 30 users attributed correctly vs several 1000 coming through as direct) This 


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