Act-On Release Notes: Week of October 18

Olaf Kowalik
  • Edited

We resolved two issues in the Tuesday, October 19 release:

  • Cannot delete an Automated Program step in the Journey Builder. This fix resolved a problem where users were unable to delete steps in an Automated Program using the Journey Builder.


  • Cannot download a CSV of SMS opt-ins: This fix resolved an issue where users were unable to download a CSV file of SMS opt-ins from the SMS Opt-Ins page.

Previously, we released two additional fixes:

  • Sales users are able to view and access Marketing Lists: In some cases, Sales users were able to view and access Marketing Lists when sending email (rather than being able to view and access their assigned list of contacts). This issue has been resolved.


  • Automated Journey Builder Wait Step displaying the incorrect timeframe: This issue resulted in the incorrect time being displayed (e.g., 2am instead of 2pm); however, the correct time was used by the Automated Program itself.



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