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Deleting Lists without Deleting Contacts

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    Kyle Ansted Act-On Team
    Master (Platinum)

    Hello Britta,

    We don't have a limit to the amount of lists you can have in your account so they are free to keep the process they had. However, if you wanted to create a main list that contains all the records this is possible. You'd want to utilize a list maintenance programs to copy the contents of the other lists into the main list.

    More Information

    If you have more question on how to set this up we can create a support ticket and help you further.


  • Britta Yeager

    Kyle Ansted - I realize that there isn't a limit to list numbers, but that isn't best practices. I just want to know if I delete these old lists after creating a master list, will the contact information be deleted from the system with it? (Essentially removing them from Act-On altogether.)

  • Kyle Ansted Act-On Team
    Master (Platinum)

    The contact records activity history (Webpage Visits, Email Activity, Etc...)  will stay intact when they are deleted from a list. However, any data on that list will be deleted along side the record.

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