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Proper Case for Personalization?

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    Kyle Ansted Act-On Team
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    Hey Collin,

    Unfortunately, the way that personalization works it pulls in data from the list as is. This means the data would need to be formatted with the proper case before being added to the list. This does sound like a great option to have and I would suggest posting this as a suggestion for our product suggestion team here.



  • Teresa Jarvis

    I wish I knew of a way too.

  • Varinder Hans

    My colleague Kyle is correct in mentioning that we cannot perform formatting on the data that is stored in the list. However, there is a way to transform personalisation data when it is being displayed on an email or landing page.

    The following example shows how I got a value in my list to display as all uppercase, even though it is stored as all lowercase. In the list below, the field called jobTitle has the value support technician.

    Using a ​​very small line of code we can transform the text so that it displays as all uppercase as in the screenshot below. The value actually displays as SUPPORT TECHNICIAN even though it is stored as lowercase.

    All that is needed is the following line, which is inserted in the code instead of just the personalisation. Obviously we can replace the fieldName with any field that is being used in the personalisation.

    <span style="text-transform: uppercase;">{{fieldName}}</span>

    So for the example above, the source code section of the Rich Text block is as follows:

    In order to edit the source of code of any Rich Text block, click the icon in the top right.


    There are 2 other formats that might be useful. lowercase and capitalize.

    lowercase makes all the characters lowercase.

    <span style="text-transform: lowercase;">{{fieldName}}</span>

    capitalize ensures the first character of each word is uppercase

    <span style="text-transform: capitalize;">{{fieldName}}</span>

    Hope this helps.
  • Collin Williams

    This is great, thanks!

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