Coming Soon - Enhancements to Automated Programs Reporting!

Joonas Ylimaula

We’re excited to announce the next reporting and usability upgrade to your Act-On experience. In the coming weeks, we will introduce a new and improved version of the Automated Programs reporting dashboard. This redesign follows updates to our Automated Journey Builder to offer you an enhanced user experience and more reliable performance.

What's changing?

We've given our Automated Programs Dashboard a fresh, modern look and improved functionality with new and updated features! These enhancements include:

  • New design to improve usability
  • More information on contacts' location in your automated program
  • Additional performance metrics for Emails and SMS Messages
  • Better handling of program status changes
  • Tighter integration with Act-On's Automated Journey Builder
  • Improved page loading performance

Why are we making these changes?

  • Automated Programs are a key product area in our platform. We previously updated and enhanced Act-On’s Automation experience with the introduction of our Automated Journey Builder. We’re continuing our investment in this product area by redesigning the Automated Programs reporting dashboard. 

  • We’re modernizing and future-proofing our technology. This helps us update the user experience to better meet your needs, providing you improved product reliability and performance. 

When are these changes happening?

We will roll out the new reporting dashboard gradually over the next several weeks. You will have the opportunity to preview the new interface first. Once we make the switch to the new reporting dashboard, the current dashboard will no longer be available.

How can I provide feedback?

All customers will be able to preview the new reporting dashboard and provide feedback directly from the new dashboard. If you’d prefer to talk to us, please reach out to Act-On Support.

Can I get a sneak preview?

Of course, here you go!





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