New ‘Privacy Protected’ Label to Identify Opens Impacted by Apple Mail Privacy Protection Featured

Beki Fuller

In response to Apple Mail Privacy Protection changes, we’re making the following changes to our email reporting:

- Opens impacted by Apple Mail Privacy Protection are now marked with the label Privacy Protected.

- The new label is visible in these email reporting areas:

  • Sent Message report > Opens drill-down tables
  • Sent Message report > Opens spreadsheet exports
  • Sent Message report > Devices and Clients tab
  • Data Studio exports (coming soon)


The new label covers all Opens where the receiving email system is actively obscuring information about the recipient. As a result, we’re unable to identify the recipient's device, operating system or browser. The Privacy Protected label is a way to clearly identify these types of Opens. 

For more information and context, review our detailed FAQs around Apple Mail Privacy Protection. 



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    Veronica Williams

    Y'all are AWESOME!  Thank you so much for making this update as it is going to be super helpful!


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