API enhancements for Act-On Contacts

Duessa Holscher

We've recently updated the Act-On Developer API to assist users who are working with Act-On Contacts, our initiative to consolidate contact management into a single, unified contact list.

The API changes include the ability to: 

  • Get a list of segments within the All Contacts list (also referred to the Unified Contact List or UCL)
  • Create a new segment, including adding tags and assigning a folder
  • Update a segment, including changing tags or folder
  • Assign contacts to a segment
  • Upload a CSV file to the list, and optionally designate it as a segment
  • Download contacts belonging to a segment
  • Download contact preference segments such as hard bounce, soft bounce, opt out, or spam complaint
  • Delete a segment

Existing Contact and List APIs can continue to be used for the All Contacts list as well.

See the details of the API calls here.

For more information about the Act-On Contacts initiative, click here.




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