Contact Lists VS. Addressed Contacts

Alexandra Ziemann

I have recently sent an email to a list of contacts.  The list includes 906 contacts.  Now that the email is sent, I navigate to the report of the sent email and it shows 889 addressed.  What happened to the 17 email addresses that seem to have fallen through?? 




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    Kyle Ansted Act-On Team Master (Platinum)
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    Hello Alexandra,

    Reviewing your account I was able to find the message in question. The number of addresses is the number of unique emails that were possible to send the message. Under the suppressions, you will see that there were 17 duplicates.

    906 records - 17 duplicates = 889 addressed.


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    James Matney

    This is more of an unsure brainstorming reply than a conclusive answer, but...

    Were you sure you were looking at the "Sent" and not the "Delivered". There are almost always some bounces, which makes Delivered less than Sent.

    Or, did you do the personalization check under the "Review" tab? If there are some that do not pass the personalization review, those that do not pass may not show up in the actual "Sent" count. I am not sure, someone from Act-on may have to answer that possibility.


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