Act-On Contacts Beta: New List Picker Released

Duessa Holscher
Act-On Contacts is a major initiative to consolidate marketing lists into a single All Contacts list.  We are now in beta on this initiative.  Learn More and Participate.
New List Pickers for Act-On Contacts Users
We've updated the List Picker that is used to select Marketing lists or Act-On Contacts segments. The new picker is available in Import, Automated Programs and SMS.  We've also added it to Outbound > A/B Test making Act-On Contacts available for use with that feature now. 
The new list picker has the Folder/subfolder and tag structure for Act-On Contacts.  It also has an improved search experience and an overall refreshed design. 
The picker will default to Act-On Contacts.  Marketing lists and other lists can be accessed via the drop down in the upper left.
We will be continuing to roll out the list picker in other areas of the product over the next few months as well as making it available to all clients regardless of Act-On Contacts use. 



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    Duessa Holscher
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    Hi Mike,

    Sorry to hear you are not loving the new list picker!  I will reach you to you via email to further explore your concerns and see how we could improve this experience for you. 



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    FoodSafetyTech Mike Conaty

    Is there any way to roll back this new list picker? It's horrible, and adds 10 - 15 minutes to every email send trying to find lists. Sure, I could add lists into my "favorites" section, but then the segments for that list aren't available. When I do find the list in the randomly displayed order, the segments are hidden. There is no way to sort them. At least the old list picker had visual clues to the lists with segments, and didn't hide them by default.



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