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Act-On Contacts Beta: Automated Journey Improvements and more!

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    Duessa Holscher Act-On Team

    In this context "Act-On Contacts" refers to a special "All Contacts" area of Act-On that is managed differently from Marketing Lists.   When this feature is activated, you'll have the opportunity to pick a segment or list from Marketing Lists, or a segment from the "Act-On Contacts" area, and depending on what you pick, you'll see slightly different functionality in Automated Programs.    We are currently beta testing this initiative with select clients.  We've been working with your organization but I'm not sure if instances you work with have been involved.   I'm happy to discuss further with you 1-on-1 if desired!



  • Juhi Khanchandani

    Hi Duessa,

    Thank you for sharing the update. Could you please explain more about the point number 5, 6, 7, and 8.

    Point 5 - what do you mean by only Act-On Contacts segments can be selected in various areas of the journey builder? What other contacts segments would we be selecting?

    Point 6 - I can still see the Score type fields in the Change Field Steps.

    Point 7 - I could always select the Act-On contacts as a source list while creating an automation program from template.

    Point 8 - What is and 'Act-On Contacts based programs' ?

    Thank you

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