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Is it possible to have a different response email from a form based on a drop-down list? So that if someone selects an option on a drop-down,  they get a different response email?



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    One way to meet the goal of sending a different response email would be to build a single email out utisiling a dynamic content block. The block would allow you to either have a) a core framework/body to the email and a single paragraph that gets changed depending on the response provided by the end user or b) have the whole email be based upon the specific response.

    We have an article here that explains how to work with the dynamic content block.

    The above method would be the quickest way of the recipient receiving the email i.e. it would be immediate. However, if you wanted to potentially wait 10 minutes then you could utilise an automated program. The program would work utilise segments you'd create on the form submission list (i.e a segment matches a response on the drop down list) and you would then branch the contacts depending on the segment they are in. After you have branched them out you would have a send email step.

    So, if you were building a program out you would have the following:-

    Source List - Form Submission List
    Lists/Segments - Segments for each category

    Program Schedule - Immediately

    Then the flow would look similar to the below screenshot. I kept the flow simple as it would become too large for a screenshot if I included a branch for "If Contact is in segment C" under the "No" route under step A-3.

    I hope this helps with providing you with a couple of different routes.

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