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James Matney

It is clear that we can track Act-on emails from act on using the Medium (includes Act-on emails), Source(solely Act-on emails), and campaign (specific Act-on emails). But we want to track specific batches of our emails and see how those specific batches do to trigger registrations.

We have a naming convention for our emails that may help us track the specific batches. For example, we begin the title of some of our emails with "MaC". We would like to look at how well all of the emails with "MaC" do.

I also noticed that the "Content" option for emails also just includes the term "email". This is redundant, since "Medium" also passes "email" as the value. Would there be a way that we could change "Content" so that it passes the title of the email instead. That way we could filter our stats for something like "Content begins with 'MaC'".

Does this make sense. Is there another way we can track batches of email success in analytics, instead of All emails or individual emails from Act-on?




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    Austin Duong

    Hello there James,
    My name is Austin and I'm happy to help with this. By visiting outbound > sent messages > select specific email > click message report > "click download", you have the ability to download what is called the "All Time Message Rollup Report" as a .csv file. This allows you to see the performance of email sends specifically in batches. In the downloaded .csv file, there is a "Subject Line" where in this case "MaC" would live. As of currently, there is not an in-built "reporting" tool, for emails specifically with "Google Analytics" turn on.

    As for the "Content", yes there is an ability to insert a custom value if you'd like. In my testing, I've went with a value of "Content_Email" just to help differentiate from the other "email" value.





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