Website Prospector Alerts Updated!

Duessa Holscher

Website Prospector is an important tool that helps Act-On users respond quickly to relevant website visitors. The Website Prospector email alerts come in 2 flavors:  An instant alert when a visit occurs, and a daily digest of all your relevant visitors. 

What's Changed:

With today's release we've improved the format for these alerts, adding more data such as:

  • Lead Score for known visitors
  • A direct link to the Contact Report in Act-On
  • A "View in CRM" button (for SalesForce, NetSuite & Zendesk now, others coming soon) 

Customer Impact:

Customers who subscribe to these alerts will see the new format starting today. 

To set up a daily digest alert, navigate to Inbound > Website Prospector.  From the More menu, select Daily Emails.

To set up an immediate alert, navigate to Inbound > Website Prospector Alerts.

To learn more about these alerts, check out this article.

These changes were made with input from customer suggestions and with the assistance of dozens of beta test volunteers over the past few weeks.  Thank you! 




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    Duessa Holscher
    • Official comment

    Hi Anne-Li

    Thanks for your comment.  The instructions are referring to the "Visit Details" link which is available at the top of individual alerts and / or by clicking the "Visits" column on the daily digest.  This is available without logon (you can choose to set a password if desired).  We've added the "View Contact Report" to the new alert however for security purposes we do require a log in to access this information. 



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    Anne-Li Wigge Lind

    HI Duessa, 
    The direct link to the contact report i Act-On doesn´t work without a login to Act-On.
    In the instruction on this page: you refer to, it says 

    • When your team clicks the links, they will be able to view a web-based version of the Website Prospector report without an Act-On login.

      But I can´t get that to work. 
      What are we doing wrong?

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