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Website Prospector Alerts Updated!

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    Duessa Holscher Act-On Team

    Hi Anne-Li

    Thanks for your comment.  The instructions are referring to the "Visit Details" link which is available at the top of individual alerts and / or by clicking the "Visits" column on the daily digest.  This is available without logon (you can choose to set a password if desired).  We've added the "View Contact Report" to the new alert however for security purposes we do require a log in to access this information. 



  • Anne-Li Wigge Lind

    HI Duessa, 
    The direct link to the contact report i Act-On doesn´t work without a login to Act-On.
    In the instruction on this page: you refer to, it says 

    • When your team clicks the links, they will be able to view a web-based version of the Website Prospector report without an Act-On login.

      But I can´t get that to work. 
      What are we doing wrong?

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