Email Launch Alert Email Improvements - Coming Soon!

Duessa Holscher

When:   Starting October 31

What's Changing:

We're updating the format of the Email Launch Alert emails.  This includes alerts when an email is launched, for email failures, and for high bounce or spam reports.  Also included are alerts related to approvals needed.  The new alerts provide more information about the launch and links to resources to help troubleshoot if there are issues.

The first 2 alerts that you'll see change are below:

Email Launch Alert.  To get this alert, you need to sign up. From the upper right drop down in Act-On, click on Profile, and Notifications.  Activate the Email Launch alert here.  You'll get notified for emails you launch.

Email Failure (Send Limits Reached):  This is sent automatically to the person who initiated the email if it fails to send due to limited Active Contacts. 


Customer Impact:  All customers will begin to see these new alerts starting the week of Oct. 31.  Additional email alerts will roll out over the following weeks.  You don't need to do anything to receive these new alerts. 

Please note:  Alerts are sent from Please make sure to update allowed lists to ensure delivery.  It is possible to customize this sender for your account. Please contact support for assistance on this.




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