Form Submission Alert Emails Redesign - Released!

Duessa Holscher

When:  This update was released Oct. 25, 2022.

What's Changing:   Any form that is set to send an email alert to your team will now send the new alert format.

Impact to Customers:  The new format is based on customer feature requests.   

  • Improved performance.  We’re using Act-On's transaction-based email API to send these alerts, which means they will send more quickly upon submission.
  • Improved design:  We've modernized the look of the email. 
  • Improved Information:  Addition of the IP address, Form URL, Referring URL to the form submission data
  • Improved Access:  We've added a link to the Act-On Contact Report.
  • Recipient List:  Because the alert is sent individually using the transaction email API, the recipient list is no longer available in the "To" box of your email, but can be found in the footer.
  • Sender Address: If you wish to customize the sender address for this alert, we can assist you. Please contact support.

Who is Impacted:  All users who receive the alert are impacted, unless your account is currently set to receive 'text only' alerts.  

What's Next:  We plan to continue to make some enhancements to the form alert including the ability to customize the subject line and to create a custom branded template for form alerts.   We'll also include a link to view the contact in select CRMs. 
Feedback about the new alert?
Please submit this feedback form and a product team member will reach out to you!

 Here’s an example of the new Form Alert Email: 



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    Duessa Holscher
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    Hi Meteena,

    I can help you set the text only alert option which can work better for automated workflows.   I will reach out to you directly. Thanks.

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