Nesting Personalizations

Deirdre Lyons-Keefe

Sending highly personalized emails is key to marketing automation success. In Act-On, you can add Personalizations from the Rich Text Editor to reference Standard Fields, Recipient List Fields, Sender Fields, and CRM fields for users with the ABM add-on.

Whenever using Personalizations in Act-On, it’s a best practice to also add fallback text, so that it shows an alternative text when there is no data for the contact available.

One thing to explore, is that you’re not limited to just fallback text; you can also use fallback personalizations!


In my recipient list, I have one field for Business Name and another for Account Name. The majority of my data is associated with the Account Name field, but certain contacts are only associated with a Business Name.

I’d like recipients who only have a Business Name to be shown that personalization data instead of fallback text. 

To set that up, I’ll open a Rich Text Editor block, and add a personalization for both Recipient List Fields: 

{{={{Account Name}}|your company}}

{{={{Business Name}}|your company}}

Then, combine the two, keeping the fallback text of one at the end: 

{{={{Account Name}}|{{Business Name}}|your company}}

To test your personalizations, head to the Review tab of the email composer and find a recipient to preview that has data in the Account Name field:

As well as a recipient in the Business Name field:

Happy marketing!




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