When scoring resets does the activity along with it get reset too?

David Evans

Likely a dumb question, but when we have users that generate Activity Scores, and then in the settings the score resets after 30 days, does the activity timeline itself also reset?

We would like to keep the activity itself, but know that if someone's score increases, its because they've been active recently. We have a lot of Previous Clients in our system that we want to keep track of all their engagement activity from all time, but only generate the scoring on just the recent activity. If that makes sense.




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    Hi David

    Thank you for posting this and just as I always say to people we train - there are no dumb questions!

    So we are talking about Timeline, right? Here is an example of a record in my Test account who has  - ALL TIME score - 182, with Timeline 1st activity - Email send on Thursday 2/18

    I went to my Scoring Rule and changed the Activity to - the last 180 days, so you can see Score changed to 30 but the Timeline retain the same information so I believe this is the outcome you wanted :)

    What you can also do is maybe copy the Default Score with ALL TIME and create a copy ie Second Score Sheet with Activity in the last 30 days. That way you can see - all the time score v the last 30 daysscore to compare the engagement.


    Hope this helps

    Happy marketing



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