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I have a client moving to AO from Mailchimp and I understand their unsubscribes are handled on a per audience basis, therefore they don't have a global list like AO does.  I was wondering how other marketers have moved from Mailchimp to AO and handled their unsubscribes?

I'm asking mainly due to privacy laws and wanting to make sure we don't email someone who had thought they unsubscribed from everything and then receives an email (after moving to AO).

I wonder if the best thing to do is take the audience specific unsubscribes to create a master list and then upload that to AO?

But, any advice on what you have done in the past is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!




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    Hi Veronica

    Yes to what you are saying about the audience specific unsubscribes. I advise clients who are moving from MailChimp to AO, to create a segment of unsubscribes in as a new audience list in Mailchimp, extract the list and upload inside Act-On Opt-Out list.

    Some of my others clients, have pulled Mailchimp sends for the last 6 months and compile a list of unsubscribes that way.


    Happy Marketing 





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