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Integration with Superoffice

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  • Phil Bosley

    Hi Hans - 

    There are only a couple of ways to go about this integration.

    1. Determine what is meant by integration.

    Do you mean simply synching contacts from CRM to Act-On, bi-directional sync, or are you looking for integrated buttons, activity history, etc.

    2. If you are just syncing contact data - FTP is usually the best option.  

    3. If you are looking to integrate buttons, Act-On has great articles on .jsp functionality for integration.

    The biggest 'gotcha' for most organizations is that Act-On processes flat data, and most CRMs are built with relational databases.  If you find this to be a case in your situation, you will need a middleware solution that imports data from CRM, shapes and flattens the data, and then pushes this to Act-On.  Bi-directionally, you will need to take data from Act-On, then shape and direct data for input in CRM.

    These solutions can get pricey, depending on complexity.  If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

    Phil Bosley
    CEO, Tactical MA
    Original Message:
    Sent: 02-02-2018 17:05
    From: Hans Christian Bothmann
    Subject: Integration with Superoffice

    We are an Act-On partner and working with a client who would like to integrate Act-On with Superoffice. If anyone has hands-on experience or use cases integrating and syncing with Superoffice we would appreciate hearing from you.

    Thanks in advance.

    The Blue Business Team

    Hans Christian Bothmann
    Partner, Blue Business A/S, Denmark

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