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External Landing Page Metrics

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  • Natasha Aidinyantz
    Hi John,

    It depends on what you count as a conversion but let's say you are counting it as a final click on a button (ie Submit for B2B or Buy for B2C). You could use Google Tag Manager to track clicks on the button and feed the data into GA so you could see the steps users take before they convert, what page they landed on and from where, behavioural metrics, demographics and more. 

    Google tools really are the best for this kind of thing.

    Natasha Aidinyantz
    Digital Marketing Specialist, GlobalSign, Inc.
    Original Message:
    Sent: 04-17-2018 18:26
    From: John Donald
    Subject: External Landing Page Metrics

    Curious how other folks are measuring conversion data for landing pages that are custom built outside of Act On and thus cannot be tracked as an LP within AO- is the only option to use Google Analytics? The AO LP is too limited for our design requirements so we cannot build them there- even with uploading custom code (limitations with external fonts that are in our brand style guide).

    John Donald
    Manager, Sales & Marketing Automation
    Designs for Health

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