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Social media links in email

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  • Marten Hoekstra
    Hi Tanya,

    Upping your spam score really depends on the rest of your email. We did not see any changes by adding the social media links. We use G-Lock Apps to test our e-mails on spam score. See Great tool for a good price.

    But from a user perspective i would not add those links. People might click, see you social profile on linkedin or facebook and see that the last post was 4 months ago.. will not be a smile for them.

    So add those links and start posting more frequently on your social media channels. Specially with the upcoming event these channels are great to start the conversation or even keep the conversation going during and after the event.

    Marten Hoekstra
    Stan and Stacy | Inbound Marketing
    Original Message:
    Sent: 05-22-2019 08:53
    From: Tanya Vanasse
    Subject: Social media links in email

    We are thinking of adding the three social media links as part of our email footer.


    We don't do much on social media and I was wondering if this ups our spam score by having more links in our email.  What are best practices?


    Tanya Vanasse | Marketing Applications  Manager

    CBORD & Horizon Software

    office: 844.462.2673






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