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Program Creation

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  • Esra Blohberger

    what's an 'out-of-the' box programme look like for you? Do you mean an unorthodox super cool marketing programme or a technically challenging routine?

    I have one for the latter option: I had been recently working on 'out of the box' programme and without strong act-on support I would have drowned......We had organised a (one) single global webinar for several countries. Tasks were split between my countries' act-on counterparts (automated emailing programme) and myself (setting up the webinar in act-on). The reason to do so was simple: The countries wanted to keep control over their mailing list and activities, so there was no way to do everything plain and simple from one account. It was very challenging to set up the process and make it work. Good planning ahead, thorough instructions for countries to set up their programme + good communication were crucial to make it work. We normally drive local webinar events handled by the respective country, so this was a first to go I believe.

    If you need more details on how we planned in detail let me know.

    Cheers, ESRA

    Esra Blohberger
    AB SKF
    Original Message:
    Sent: 11-29-2017 16:24
    From: Sunny Brady
    Subject: Program Creation

    What are your 'out of the box' programs that you have created and how are they working for you?

    Sunny Brady
    Digital Retention Marketing Manager, Ultradent Products, Inc.

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