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Email Workflow -- Exit Issues

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  • Phil Bosley
    Hi Ciara,

    This is a tricky one, but as with most things, obvious when you see it.

    The program workflow does not have a wait step between the email send and the branch step.  If you open the branch step, you will see that the technical action is 'If the prospect was sent, but did not open the email.' 

    Because there is a small delay in queuing and sending email, and the automated program immediately checked who met this condition (because no wait step was added), no person that went through step B2 had yet been sent the email, therefore they immediately progressed to the next step without exiting.

    To resolve this, always make sure you have a Wait step before any branch condition, and you will avoid this problem entirely.


    Phil Bosley
    CEO, Tactical MA
    Original Message:
    Sent: 02-19-2018 10:19
    From: Ciara Simiele
    Subject: Email Workflow -- Exit Issues

    Hello Act-on community,

    You were so helpful with my last question, I'm coming to you again!

    I recently launched a workflow and noticed an issue with contacts exiting. I'm including a screen grab of the workflow to show the issue.

    Contacts were sent an email. Those who didn't open the first email were sent the email again with an alternate subject line. If they didn't open that re-sent email, they should have exited. If they did open the re-sent email, they were meant to wait a few days and then go back onto the A track. As you will see, none of the contact sent the alternate email exited the program, but instead all went into the wait period and were then put back onto the A track.

    Was there something I did incorrectly when setting up the workflow that prevented people from exiting?

    Thanks for your help!


    Ciara Simiele
    Senior Content Marketing Associate, True Digital Communications

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